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G) Insider Bat

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Insider BatInsider BatInsider BatInsider Bat
Price: $55.00




  • Designed for right & left handed hitter
  • Reinforces palm up / palm down hand-positioning before, during, and after contact
  • Assists in preventing premature wrist roll
  • Forces hands in front of the barrel
  • Trains hitters not to sweep before and during contact
  • Designed for beginners as well seasoned pros
  • Manufactored with aluminum and stainless steel
  • Comes in two sizes -- select the proper option above
  • SKU # INBAT6 : for players under 12 years old
  • SKU # INBAT7 : for players 12 years and older
  • The difference between the two sizes is 1" on the handle length

Telephone  708 636 1047  or email

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