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F) Equitee

<span>Equitee:</span> .<span>Equitee:</span> .<span>Equitee:</span> .<span> Equitee Replacement toppers:</span> .
EquiteeEquiteeEquitee Equitee Replacement toppers
Price: $90.00


  • Constructed from heavy-duty solid rubber
  • 17"L steel tube connected to the base with reinforcements
  • Adjusts from 22" to 37" high for players of all ages
  • Includes 2 flexible tops
  • Designed by former Major Leaguer Eric Rasmussen
  • Engineered to develop consistent contact and backspin that results in line drives.
  • Assists in eliminating uppercut swings.

Replacement tee toppers:

  • Comes in 2 pack

Telephone   708 636 1047  or email

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