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C) G Tees

<span>GT1416, GT2241 & GT2653:</span> -<span>GT1830, GT2241 & GT2653:</span> -<span>ABCA Award Winner:</span> -<span>GT2653 G Tee Batting Tee 26"-53":</span> -<span>GT2241 G Tee Batting Tee 22"-41":</span> -<span>16" Low Ball Attachment :</span> -
GT1416, GT2241 & GT2653GT1830, GT2241 & GT2653ABCA Award WinnerGT2653 G Tee Batting Tee 26"-53"GT2241 G Tee Batting Tee 22"-41"16" Low Ball Attachment
Price: $105.00


GTee available in 4 different sizes

  • Adjustable batting tee from 18"-30"  GT1830   Most popular model for youth 12 & under
  • Adjustable batting tee from 22"-41"  GT2241   Most popular model for High School & above
  • Adjustable batting tee from 26"-53"  GT2653    A must for for High-Tee work
  • Low-Ball Batting Tee 16"  GT1418   Great for Low-Tee work, Concentrating on a high finish 
  • Station 3 Pack, (a 5% Savings) Includes 1 each of GT1830, GT2241 & GT2653 for hitting from 18" to 53"
  • Telescoping upright is adjustable on GT1830, GT2241 & GT2653
  • Used by Professional Baseball & Softball Players
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
  • Solid base 12" x 12" includes Olympic weight post for added stability
  • Base fits all G Tee products
  • Replacement Flexible Rubber G Tee Cups available GT1231
  • Portable for Travel or Storage, Weighs 6 lb.
  • Station 3 pack allows for varying height team hitting stations to avoid players putting tee only at height they like.
  • Patented Design for Optimum Performance
  • Multiple year ABCA Award Winner
  • 2 year warranty on all parts & labor
  • Made in the USA

Telephone 708.636.1047 or email

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