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A) Broom - General Purpose
SKU: 01679

Price: $51.00

24" Broom with 3" Durable Polypropelene Bristles
Super-Strong w/ Unique Gusset Bracing System
You Will not Find a Better Braced Broom

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B) Double Play Rake

Price: $59.00 - $65.00

Heavy Duty DP Rake Available in 24" or 36" Size
Short Teeth to Break Up Hard Areas
Long Teeth to Groom

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C) Field Rake

Price: $40.00 - $53.00

Available in 24", 30" or 36" Wide Field Aggregate Rake
Engineered to the specifications of Professional Baseball Grounds Crews
Durable & Lightweight with Oversized Teeth for Easy Field Grooming

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D) 17" Level Head Rake
SKU: 01420

Price: $31.00

Great for those Hard Infields

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G) Tamp

Price: $66.00

10" x 10" Steel Plate 1/4"

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