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A) Bolt Drag
SKU: 04998

Price: $237.88

6ft Wide Bolt Drag
Measures 70½"  Wide and 16½" Deep for Added Stability
46 Cutting Teeth

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B) Bolt Drag Transport Dolly

Price: $95.95

Simple Design to Transport Bolt Drag 
10” Pneumatic Wheels

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C) Field Conditioner Combo Pack
SKU: 04998EDK

Price: $494.95

Combo Pack Includes Bolt Drag & 
6.5' by 4' Eraser Mat,
Transport Dolly & Tow Chain

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D) Bolt Drag Replacement Bolt Set

Price: $51.50

Large 3½" Scarifying Bolts
46 per Bag

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E) Hand Nail Drag

Price: $392.46

Hand Nail Drag 3ft x2ft
For Baselines & Tight Areas

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F) Cocoa Mat Drag

Price: $130.65 - $279.60

Available in 4' x 2', 6' x 2', or 6' x 4'.
For a Professional Finished Touch 

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G) Cocoa Mop -- 24" x 18"

Price: $95.95

Cocoa Mop 24"x18"
Great for Tight Areas

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H) Infield Eraser Mat
SKU: 05480

Price: $129.95 - $196.83

Come With a Tow Rope/Tow Chain
Available in 4 Sizes
Won't Harm Infield Grass

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I) Drake Eraser Mat
SKU: 05482

Price: $149.95 - $234.33

Scarified Head with Eraser Mat
Available in 3 Sizes

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J) Drake Eraser Mop
SKU: 05484

Price: $119.95 - $139.95

Aluminum Handle Available in Two Sizes: 3ft x 2ft and 3ft x 2.5 ft

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