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A) Serpentine Batting Tunnel Frame
SKU: B50030

Price: $1,195.00 - $1,495.00

55' and 70' Frames Available
Great for High School, College, or Commercial use
A Must Have if you Plan on Taking Nets Down for the Winter

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B) Batting Tunnel Frame
SKU: 05039K

Price: $900.00 - $1,100.00

Available in 55 or 70 Foot Long Tunnels 
70 Foot Tunnel, 4 Section Frame Pictured
55 Foot Tunnel Would be a 3 Section Frame

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C) Batting Tunnel Nets
SKU: B243514

Price: $385.00 - $1,295.00

Various Size & Weight Tunnel Netting for Indoor or Outdoor Hitting
55 and 70 Foot Long Cages in Various Weights and Widths
Custom Sizes also Available

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D) Ceiling Tunnel Electric Winch System
SKU: B51055

Price: $5,700.00 - $6,450.00

Gymnasium or Fieldhouse Drop Down Tunnel System.
Available in a 55' x 12'  or  70’ x 12’ Frame

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E) Curtain Style Suspension Kit - Indoor
SKU: B50010

Price: $250.55 - $461.55

Available in 11ft and 30 to 40ft Heights
30 to 40ft can be Left Up in the Off Season

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F) Custom Field Netting

Price: $0.00

Custom Size Field Netting for Any Size Project
Backstop , Boundary or Dugout Nets.
Polyethylene & Nylon Nets Available

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G) Net Saver

Price: $75.00 - $120.00

Extend the Life of Tunnel Nets
5ft by 7ft 18oz. Vinyl
Variety of Colors

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H) Tunnel Barrier Net #42 Size : 14ft x 50ft , 1-3/4”sq
SKU: BN1450

Price: $263.74

Divide Your Hitting Tunnel to Maximize Hitting Stations
#42 Weight Tunnel Barrier Net
14ft x 50ft , 1 3/4" Squares

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I) Replacement Nets for Field Screens

Price: $0.00

Replacement Netting for 7 x 7 Fungo or L Screens

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J) Tunnel Divider Net #42 Size: 14 x 12ft , 1-3/4”sq
SKU: B421412

Price: $79.06

Attach Behind Hitting and Pitching Areas to Prolong Net Life
Hang in Middle of Tunnel to Create 2 Hitting Stations
#42 Weight Tunnel Divider Net
14ft x 12ft , 1 3/4" Squares

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