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A) Major League Base Set w/ Anchors & Plugs

Price: $137.09

Professional Level Base Set (3)
Includes 3 Bases, Anchors & Base Plugs

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B) Magnetic Safety Base & Anchor Plate

Price: $186.61

Official Size 15"
Meets Little League Rule 1.06

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C) Vinyl Spike Bases
SKU: 01196

Price: $33.78 - $45.95

Available in Official & Youth Sizes
2 Heavy Nylon Straps & Steel Spikes

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D) Target Base Set Youth

Price: $52.48

Teaches Proper Base Running Technique
Size : 14" x 14"

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E) Waffle Bottom Practice Bases, Set of 3

Price: $21.56

Throw Down 1" Thick Bases
Official 15" Size, Set of 3

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F) Base Dig Out Tool
SKU: 01975

Price: $12.50

Indestructable Steel Frame With Rubber Coated Handle
Convenient Time Saver When Setting Up Your Field

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G) Feathered Base Plug
SKU: 02171

Price: $7.50

Base Plug  - Feathered
Keeps Infield Dirt & Debris From Getting into Anchors

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H) Domed Base Plug
SKU: M500P

Price: $4.75

Black Domed Base Plugs
Durable Molded Rubber

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I) Ground Anchor – Steel
SKU: 01317

Price: $7.50

Steel Ground Anchor, 1 1/2" Female Opening
Heavy Duty Construction

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J) Professional Base Caddy
SKU: 05462

Price: $169.95

Makes Transporting of Bases A Snap
Perfect for Painting Bases Before Next Game.

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